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Frequently Asked Questions

Who directs United Way?

United Way is volunteer-driven, and is directed by a local, all-volunteer Board of Directors.

What is a United Way Partner Agency?

A United Way partner agency is a non-profit health and human service agency that provides programs and services that achieve meaningful and measurable results. United Way agencies must be registered as non-profit organizations in Cambridge and North Dumfries and show evidence of sound management practices, including an annual financial audit. United Way invests in agency programs and services that meet community-level objectives or core foundation services.

If I do not use United Way services, why should I donate?

Your donation is a personal investment in our community, enabling United Way to address the underlying causes of our community’s most critical issues—among them quality child care, substance abuse and other health problems, poverty, and illiteracy. Through United Way, your dollars will be leveraged to effectively address long term and short term community needs. United Way helps people every day in Cambridge and North Dumfries. You may not need a United Way funded service today…but we never know when tragedy will strike and you and your loved ones could need help at anytime in the future.

How is United Way audited?

All United Way financial affairs are subject to an annual audit conducted by an independent public accounting firm. This audit is conducted according to strict standards, which have been developed for all not-for-profit organizations.