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The Tomorrow Fund

The Tomorrow Fund is our very own endowment fund, and it now holds over $1 million in assets and gifts. Only the annual income it generates from interest and investments is invested back into the community. The principal remains in the Fund for generations to come. The income earned provides a legacy to finance pressing community needs today and in the future, thus allowing us to continue a tradition of making a difference in people’s lives.

When you give to The Tomorrow Fund, you are helping to ensure a healthy, resilient community for the future. Donating to The Tomorrow Fund is easy and you will receive tax benefits.

Some of the ways you can give are:

·  cash
·  your will
·  life insurance policies
·  securities
·  gifts in kind

Current Value

Currently the United Way owns 5 gifts of life insurance policies with a total face value of $430,000. Gifts of cash and securities total $655,458. The total value of The Tomorrow Fund including known bequests is in excess of $1,085,458.