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Why Volunteer?

Volunteering is fun AND makes a difference in our community. You can start volunteering anytime. Every bit of your volunteer effort has a positive impact on something or someone.


There are endless reasons residents in our community volunteer. Here are some of them:

-Meet people and socialize

-Build job skills for your resume

-Network within your field or area of interest

-Get your hours for a college/university program/class

-Complete your community service hours

-GROUPS - Give back to your community

-YOUTH - Get your 40 community involvement hours for highschool graduation

-CORPORATE - Build team spirit with your co-workers

-FAMILIES - Spend time with your family members

-OLDER ADULTS - Kick-start your retirement

-NEWCOMERS - Build your english or language skills


Here are quotes from local residents on why they volunteer:

“Volunteering keeps me on my toes and gives me a sense of purpose” Mary Elloway

“I’m supporting a person who may not have gotten respite if it wasn’t for me” Linda Zettel

“I can take action and contribute in ways than I couldn't on my own” Sarah Gritzfeldt

“I want to give back to my neighbourhood that helped me so much. Cindy Aiken

“It helps me build skills and gain valuable work experience” Nishana Abdulla

“ I feel like my contributions really do make a difference.” Bruce Thurston